Members' Directory - Making the right connections

3 Jul 2014

Many of you who attended the AGM on 2 July will have reconnected with people you already know, and hopefully met some new members and contacts too. Rather than waiting until the next event or even a year until the 134th AGM, why not keep in touch through the Members' Directory?

If you have a full and up-to-date profile in the Members' Directory e.g. Sir Geoffrey Allen, Harry Swan or Sharon Williams, other members will be able to easily find you and connect with you on topics and activities of mutual interest. If you would like us to update your profile for you, please complete the 'My Profile' form available on the website at Alternatively email us at and we will send you the form.

You do not have to wait until your profile has been updated before getting in touch with other members though. If you are a full member, you can search for members using the in-built search facility. Search for people by name, interest, interest group or country. You can also use the key word search to find people. So, even if you recently met someone but cannot remember their full name, you should be able to find them in the Members Directory by using a combination of search options.

If you cannot find someone in the Directory, try using the wild card search facility by inserting an '*' after entering your search term to broaden the number of members that will be searched.

All members are listed in the Members Directory which means you can even get in touch with people who you are yet to meet. e-Members are listed in the Directory too, but are unable to make contact with full members, so why not make the first move and see what opportunities there may be for you to work together?

Networking is at the heart of SCI, so make sure you are making the right connections at every opportunity.

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