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Open Biology Forum 2016

Open Biology Forum 2016

5 Dec 2017

SCI sponsored the 1st London Open Biology Forum which took place at the Space Centre in Hackney on the 17th of November 2016.

The meeting, was attended by about 30 participants and began with a short introduction by Ilya Levantis, Conference Organiser and Director of the London Biohackspace who introduced the purpose of the meeting; to enable representatives of the open biology movement to share their approaches and experiences in developing innovative bioscience projects. Open Biology aims to make available biological systems and tools to non-biologists and to encourage enthusiastic amateurs and professionals with backgrounds in a broad mix of professions such as artists, engineers, biologists and programmers to employ bioscience in their projects. Public engagement, open workshops and the provision of hackspace would allow the development of low-cost bioscience tools. Ilya emphasised enthusiasm and playfulness as key elements in their development.

Read more about the event and the presentations held during the course of the day here.

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