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SCI Ambassadors' Scheme

SCI Ambassadors Image

30 Nov 2016

One of SCI’s key target audiences are early career scientists, and so SCI is keen to improve links with universities across the UK.

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) working with the Early Careers Committee (ECC) has launched a new scheme whereby SCI volunteers will be asked to promote SCI and its activities through their university.

SCI is pleased to announce Natalie Cureton (University of Manchester), Lee Dingwall (Johnson Matthey), Moni Gupta (Cambridge University), Giuliamonica Leonardi (UCL), Angelica Orsi (University of St Andrews), Steve Meikle (University of Brighton), Charles Perez-Storey (Cambridge University), Philip Sellars (University of Warwick), Sam Miller (University of Nottingham), Claire Rees (Mexichem), Emma Shore (University of Liverpool), and Anand (Arnie) Patel (UCL) as the current SCI Ambassadors. They will be disseminating information on SCI conferences, travel scholarships and prizes within their institution to colleagues, students and other interested parties.

Charles, Giuliamonica, Lee, Moni, Natalie, Angelica, Steve, Philip, Sam, Emma, Claire and Arnie's activities will provide an invaluable support to the strengthening of SCI’s positioning and the achievement of the organisation’s charitable aims of advancing the application of chemistry and related sciences for public benefit.  We would like to thank the new Ambassadors for their support and we look forward to assisting them in their activities and to further develop the SCI Ambassadors' project.

If you would like to become an SCI Ambassador or find out more about the new volunteer scheme please email: communications@soci.org.

SCI Membership Team

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