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Poster Competition at the Members' Forum

forum posters

7 Nov 2013

SCI is pleased to announce the following participants in this year’s poster competition to be held at the Members' Forum on 19 November at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. This competition is generously sponsored by our publishing partner Wiley.

  • Moni Kumari Gupta: Hydrosilylation as a novel bioorthogonal reaction
  • Zheling Li: Interfacial Stress Transfer in Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites.
  • Pietro Locatelli: Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticles via Spontaneous Nanoprecipitation
  • James Murray: Development of DMAP-N-oxide derived kinase mimetics: Rate and selectivity studies
  • Alessandro Poma: Generation of Aptamer-Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Hybrid Materials
  • Nicholas Race: Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles via the Narasaka-Heck Reaction
  • Callie Seaman: The 'After-Life' Experiment - Mass Spectrometry Imaging Used to Demonstrate the 'Cycles of Life'
  • Jennifer Wickens: Pollinator Flow Across Agroecosystems
  • Victoria Wickens: Landscape Complexity Impacts on Aphids and Their Natural Enemies

Members will be able to view the posters, and talk to the early career members about their work. The winner will be chosen by our judging panel made up of MAC members and a representative from Wiley.  A prize of up to £100 in Wiley book vouchers will be given to the presenter who receives the most votes.

Register today to make sure you are able to meet our poster presenters and find out more about their areas of interest.

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