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SCI Scholars 2017: presentations at the AGM

SCI Scholars 2017

7 July 2017

During the afternoon of SCI’s AGM 2017, SCI was pleased to have presentations from the RS/SCI Sydney Andrew Student and graduating SCI Scholars. Each of the scholars were introduced by Prof Jenny Mordue, Early Careers Committee, who worked with the students to prepare presentations for the AGM event. The talks were interesting and included a diverse range of topics:

  • Lewis Fleming (RS/SCI Student) - Optimising CO2 breath analysis using thin film optical interference coatings
  • James Adams - Drugging the undruggable: novel approaches to targeting protein tyrosine phosphatases
  • Sam Miller - Antimalarial drugs from light and air
  • Angelica Orsi - Metal-organic frameworks: porous materials for carbon capture

Furthermore, as part of the event, the new SCI Scholars were introduced by Prof Alan Heaton, Principal of the College of Scholars and Chair of the Early Careers Committee. We are pleased to announce that these students are:

SCI congratulates each of these scholars on their achievements and looks forward to being part of their early career pathway.

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