Rob Andrew on SCI’s Science and Enterprise Group

With over thirty years’ experience of leadership in senior management positions in the global chemical sector and downstream industries, Rob Andrew has held positions such as the Worldwide Business Director and Vice President for acrylic polymer businesses at Rohm and Haas, the European Polymer Business Managing Director at Yule Catto, and now, as the Principal of RAGA Enterprises – a strategic, operational and management consulting firm focused on the chemical value chain.


What attracted you to SCI and to the Chairmanship of the Science and Enterprise Group (SEG)?
RA: I have spent my entire career working on the commercial and business development of interesting technologies from within the chemical value chain. This has provided me with many personal opportunities and great stimulation over a 30-year period. The SCI aims and modus operandi provide an excellent platform to participate, interface and for dialogue with scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders who share a common interest. I was interested in making a new contribution to the direction and success of the SCI and believe that the SEG is well positioned to be a positive influence in this regard.

What interfacing areas between science and industry need support in today’s climate?
RA: Commercialisation of new technologies to provide benefit to society; the creation of new businesses to provide jobs and wealth; the development of technological and business skills that will sustain Britain’s prosperity in the future.

What value do you think SEG can bring to SCI’s Members?
RA: The SEG focuses on commercial and business benefits from the exploitation of innovation and technology.

It looks across the many areas of SCI interest to provide opportunities for members to become engaged with the key issues facing business and society at large.

Anyone who seeks a forum to engage on the practical technological and business challenges facing society and business today should get involved. You can get in touch by participating in the SEG online forum or by emailing

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