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Biorenewable Fuel and Fertiliser: Realising the Potential Past Conference Papers


Biogas and biosolids from anaerobic digestion (AD) are very topical in view of the Food Waste and Energy imperatives, which will lead to a large increase in AD capacity over the next five years. AD provides a viable solution for Food and Farm Waste, which will not be allowed in landfill after 2015. Biogas from AD is expected to become a significant contributor of renewable heat and power. The water industry is already well along the learning curve, as it now treats about half of all sewage by AD, yet despite this long experience, there are still concerns around use of biosolids (digestate) as fertiliser.

This joint SCI/Fera event focused on business opportunities around AD. The morning session opened with an overview of the regulatory playing field; inputs, technology and biomethane utilisation; environmental law issues; constraints on the use of biosolids; and the use of existing assets. The afternoon session opened with a review of the risks, then an overview of the sewage sludge phytoconditioning process, followed by opportunities for business, including co-digestion of waste with sewage sludge, the case for recycling plant nutrients, and biogas generation.

Available Conference Papers:

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