On-Line and At-Line Analytical Technologies in the Industrial Biotechnology Sector

13 May 2013

There is an ever expanding requirement for analysis of product and contaminants in the fields of industrial biotechnology, which ranges from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and agrochemicals to food and beverages.

With process intensification and stricter regulatory requirements in place, more accurate and precise analytical techniques are needed, especially for real time monitoring either on-line or at-line. The ability to simplify the assay methodology, to enable application by a wide operator base, has also driven recent developments in the field.

Well established analytical approaches are routinely used within the sector, but in most cases these involve the collection of samples, and their transfer to an analytical laboratory, often remote from the manufacturing lines.

Not only does this add additional costs to an overall process, it also increases production cycle time. This can have an adverse impact on asset utilisation, requiring extended quarantine periods. Critically it also inhibits the manufacture and storage of labile biological products especially those with a short shelf life.

In order to address these challenges, there is a drive to carry out real time testing either on-line or at-line. This may be based on leveraging existing established techniques, or exploiting newer technologies with associated instrumentation design - all of which can be used within the manufacturing environment.

The one-day On-Line and At-Line Analytical Technologies in the Industrial Biotechnology Sector meeting on 14 November will provide an insight into a variety of newer analytical technologies, and offer approaches for their exploitation in the industrial biotechnology process sector.

An international group of speakers includes experts in analytical technologies from academia and the analytical industry. The conference should benefit both expert and novice analysts and bioprocess developers alike who are keen to consider all options available in on-line or at-line analytics.

Our keynote speaker, Richard Francis, will set the scene for the conference as he discusses QbD as currently practiced in the biopharmaceuticals industry.

This will be followed by a series of talks given by 12 internationally recognised speakers with a range of expertise in analytical techniques including LC/MS, Raman, CD/IR, Bio-Layer Interferometry, CE, qPCR, light scattering, biosensors, microfluidics etc. which can be used to support detection of products, host cell contaminants, product aggregates or misfolds.

We look forward to your joining us.

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