Jade Owen - Agrisciences

8 Jul 2015

Jade joined SCI in 2011. She was elected as an ordinary member of the Agrisciences Committee in 2012. She became the Social media co-ordinator of the Agrisciences Group in 2015. Jade is an Analytical Scientist at Intertek Melbourn and recently finished her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire.

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When and why did you become a member of SCI?
I became a member in 2011 as a number of conferences in my research area were hosted by SCI as well as other topics of interest.

Why did you decide to get involved in an SCI Committee?
During my PhD I attended a number of conferences, such as the SCI Young Researchers in Agrisciences and early career meetings. Through these I began networking with committee members and was invited to attend committee meetings.

How do your SCI activities reflect your personal/professional interests?
I run a very successful LinkedIn group for a type of elemental analysis (inductively coupled plasma) and was given the opportunity to help the Agrisciences Group with their social media. The events and conferences that SCI often host are also very interesting and allow you in some cases to visit places such as Kew Gardens. It’s always nice to have the chance to explore and learn.

What has driven your continued involvement?
The friendly atmosphere and networking capabilities are fantastic and I want to use my skills in social media to help spread the wonderful work that SCI has been doing for the past 135 years.

How has being involved in SCI activities impacted on your career?
Through being involved in SCI activities it has helped to give me more confidence through talks, and networking has helped me get even more involved with SCI activities.

How do you think that your contribution has helped to shape your Group or SCI as a whole?
The social media role has only just begun – but so far so good! Hopefully I can help with raising SCI’s profile even further.

By being involved on a committee, what opportunities have been presented to you which you would not have otherwise had?
I was given the opportunity to go to the Houses of Parliament to represent SCI on the topic of science and education. It was a wonderful evening and very interesting to hear the different debates.

How do you balance your SCI commitments with your job and workload?
It can be challenging but thankfully my current role allows flexitime and taking time off to attend meetings and events is very worthwhile.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt by being an SCI committee member?
I have learnt that networking is very important and you should not to be afraid to speak up in meetings.

What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about becoming involved in an SCI Group or Standing Committee?
I highly recommend joining SCI as the friendly networking across so many subject areas if fantastic.

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