Medicinal chemistry, biology and ADMET 2017 - Preview

01 March 2017

1 Mar 2017

This spring SCI is bringing together two exciting events led by SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel;

Both of these events are aimed at organic chemists (graduate or PhD) working within a pharmaceutical research environment and students thinking about a career in this sector.

The first, What medicinal chemists need to know about biology, is the first instalment in what will be an exciting and informative new series of conferences aimed at bridging the gap between medicinal chemistry and biology. It is envisaged that this series will run annually and aide understanding of the features and challenges of the biological aspects of pharmaceutical research. This opening one-day event at SCI’s London headquarters will cover broad topics such as;

  • The druggable genome, i.e. selection of targets that are appropriate for pharmaceutical intervention
  • In vitro biological assays, understanding and interpretation
  • Case studies of different classes of target: enzymes, GPCRs and ion channels

Experienced speakers from leading pharmaceutical companies will deliver informative lectures with emphasis on Q&A and other interactive elements to maximise learning opportunities.

Following on from this, the second event to be held in relation to medicinal chemistry is ADMET 2017. This one-day event is in its 7th year running and aims to provide participants with a practical understanding of ADMET parameters, how to diagnose common ADMET problems and how to improve compound design to overcome these problems. Topics will include;

  • How to identify problems with solubility, permeability, clearance, duration and chemical-related toxicology
  • How to interpret data from commonly used non-efficacy tests
  • Real life examples of solutions to ADMET problems

Each of these events will conclude with a wine reception and the opportunity to network with industry experts in the pharmaceutical field. There is still time to catch the early bird fees, by booking before Monday 24 April 2017, and there is a discount for dual registration.

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