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What Medicinal Chemists need to know about Biology II - Event preview

What Medicinal Chemists need to know about Biology II Thursday 27 September 2018

25 Jul 2018

Venue: SCI, London, UK
Date: Thursday 27 September 2018

After the success of last year’s opening installment, we return with a second event aimed at further bridging the gap between medicinal chemistry and biology.

The second event in this series is designed to aid chemists in understanding the particular features and challenges of the biological aspects of pharmaceutical research. It will focus on the in vivo aspects of drug discovery biology, including topics such as:

  • Animal disease models
  • Phenotypic screening and target identification
  • PET tracers and biomarkers

Experienced speakers from leading pharmaceutical companies will deliver informative lectures. There will be full Q&As and other interactive elements to maximise learning opportunities. Participants will be provided with a booklet containing all the material presented during the event.

The event is aimed at organic chemists (graduate or PhD) working within a pharmaceutical research environment and students thinking about a career in this sector. There is no requirement to have attended last year’s event.

Keynote Speakers

  • Alex Vugler, Principal Scientist at Union Chimique Belge
  • Peter Joyce, CEO and Founder of Grey Wolf Therapeutics
  • Chris Morrow, Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca

A full programme is available below.

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