Brexit and the UK's Industrial Strategy

Duration: 1:17:40 | 7 December 2017
Chair: Paul Drechsler

On 23 June 2016, the British voted to leave the EU. The Government is keen to promote an Industrial Strategy, but what will our post-Brexit Industrial Strategy be? And how will Science and Innovation contribute to this?

7 December 2016 marks the 90th anniversary of the foundation of ICI plc. From its inception on 7 December 1926, ICI focussed on innovation as a means for driving growth and value. It went on to become the bellwether of British industry, filing more than 33,000 patents and employing hundreds of thousands of people globally.

On Wednesday 7 December SCI explored the role that science and innovation played in creating an industrial powerhouse and the lessons that may be applicable to the UK today as it seeks to develop a new Industrial Strategy for a post-Brexit world. The panel debate was chaired by Paul Dreschler, President of the CBI.

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