Getting to the guts of microbiology

Duration: 59:40 | 25 April 2017
Professor Glen Gibson

It is now well-known that certain bacteria in the human gut have a positive impact on health and there is an entire industry devoted to foods and supplements that are believed to exert a functional effect on human gut microbiota, promoting better health. However, it is a complex and often controversial topic with both probiotics and prebiotics being advocated.

On Wednesday 26 April 2017, at SCI's Public Evening Lecture, Professor Gibson presented differing approaches to microbiology, providing data on the use of both probiotics and prebiotics in humans and their impact on health.

Prof Gibson was at the forefront of developing early thinking on prebiotics, instigating the concept in a 1995 paper. Since then, he has continued to lead the field of human gut bacteriology, sitting on 5 advisory panels and publishing more than 400 research articles, 10 patents, and 8 books on the topic.

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