Mary Rose - From Seabed to Showcase

Duration: 1:08 | 22 November 2017
Helen Bonser-Wilton

How did we get Mary Rose from Seabed to Showcase and which latest scientific techniques helped to determine what conservation treatments would preserve the ship and artefacts for future generations? Discover how sports science and DNA analysis was used to explore and tell the personal stories of the men who perished so tragically on that dramatic day?

Mary Rose is a British icon. The flagship of Henry VIII, she sailed throughout his reign and saw him through five and a half wives before sinking dramatically while fighting off an attempted French invasion of Portsmouth in 1545.

In her lecture on Wednesday 22 November 2017, Helen Bonser-Wilton, Chief Executive of Mary Rose Trust took us on a fascinating journey through the history of Mary Rose and the dramatic story of her discovery, raising and display. It is a story of human endeavour, passion, tenacity, and determination to achieve a huge vision against the odds.

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