Nanomaterials in Food

Duration: 1:32:16 | 10 December 2014
Dr Dennis Koltsov

Dr Koltzov's lecture focused on the survey of the most recent developments in nanomaterials application in the food and drink industry as well as associated regulations, definitions, standards and the resulting public perception. Questions of safety and long term effects of nanomaterials were outlined in relation to international efforts to bring regulation and international standards in line with innovation and novel applications in food and drink.

This lecture was part of our series of Public Evening Lectures for 2014/2015. For more details on upcoming and past lecture, please click on the link below.

About the speaker

Dr Denis Koltsov was born in Moscow in 1976, graduated from Cambridge University in 1998 and obtained his PhD in Nanotechnology in 2003 from the same university. He worked as a research associate in Cambridge Nanoscience Centre before taking up lecturing position at Lancaster University in 2005 where he led nanotechnology work and outreach services till 2009.

Dr Koltsov now runs his own nanotechnology consulting practice (BREC Solutions limited) that focuses on technical, regulatory and standardisation issues of nanotechnology innovation. He is the author of several patents, numerous publications and confidential reports to stakeholders. He is a recognised authority in nanotechnology innovation and current market, regulatory and policy trends. Dr Koltsov is an expert in representing industry on BSI, ISO, CEN expert committees. Dr Koltsov holds the chairman position and head of the UK delegation for Fine Bubble Technology standardisation committee under BSI and is a convener of the ISO/TC281 working group 2 (Characterisation of fine bubbles). He has conducted a number of industry-led consultations in the nanotechnology sector and reported to relevant regulatory authorities.

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