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10th Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research Conference, 4-7 April 2009, Antalya, Turkey

Maria Smyrniotaki

Having my work accepted for oral presentation at the 10th Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research Conference in Antalya, (Turkey, was a pleasure for me, especially as I have just completed the first year of my PhD, and had never attended an academic conference before. Therefore, this was a fantastic opportunity.

The conference covered a wide range of topics related to controlled and modified atmosphere such as effects of controlled atmosphere in several fruits and vegetables and modified controlled atmosphere packaging technologies. My presentation was about the temporal changes in textural and taste-related characteristics of seven UK-grown sh2-sweetcorn cultivars stored under controlled atmosphere conditions. This work was a part of a larger project I am undertaking under the supervision of Dr Leon Terry at the Plant Science Laboratory of Cranfield University.

Fruit and vegetable preservation studies suggest that use of controlled and modified atmosphere can be very beneficial for the maintenance of the quality characteristics of products. However there is a lack of information regarding the most advantageous combination of gases for each product. This conference (CA & MA 2009) gave me the chance to make our work known in the scientific community. Furthermore, it was also an opportunity to discuss the topic with relevant scientists and to hear their feedback. I will be able to apply the ideas and concepts drawn from these discussions to my future work.

This conference brought together a wide range of scientists achieving a link between several disciplines, which identified important issues and provided valuable information about the beneficial uses of CA and MA. I am truly grateful to SCI for enabling me to attend this conference which was a very important experience.

Maria Smyrniotaki
Cranfield University

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