The World Congress on Particle Technology

The World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT) 6 was held in Nuremberg, Germany from 26 - 29 April 2010. The WCPT is a scientific conference, which is one of the largest events related to powder and particle technology, and it takes place every four years. The conference this year took place simultaneously with POWTECH and TechnoPharm, which are the international forum for the latest developments in the chemical industry.

The programme of the conference comprises of thirteen subjects, the topic of the presentation falls into five large categories: Aerosol Science and Technology, Nano-particles, Models and Simulation of Particulate Systems, Granulation and Science and Engineering of Particulate Processes. The models and simulation and the granulation were particularly interesting and informative for me since these are the research topics investigated intensively in the Particle Product Group in Sheffield.

My oral presentation was given in the session of Modelling and Simulations – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), at the first day of the conference. The topic of the presentation was about a new numerical model mainly designed for wet granulation and coating processes. A number of researches were interested in my research, and we were able to hold further discussion and exchange our knowledge after the session. It gave me confidence in the results I obtained, and a clear perspective for the future works. The discussion also helped me to establish a link to the people in other universities and companies, which would be useful for my future career.

In summary, attending the conference helped me to broaden my knowledge and gave me an opportunity to socialise with the people outside. I am certain that this experience will be very useful in the future.

Kimiaki Washino, Richardson Travel Bursar

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