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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets five times a year and international members can participate by telephone conferencing, and where available, web or video conferencing. Elections take place at AGMs each July and SCI governance is managed accordingly to the SCI Charter, By-Laws & Rules.

The governance structure and systems of SCI were reviewed by the Board over 2016/17 and changes are being implemented, with some matters being in transition, and all will be subject to regular monitoring and annual review.

BoT requirements:

  • A Board of Trustees, with appropriate experience, properly trained to accept the responsibility and able to serve for an effective period.
  • A clear and efficient decision-making process by means of a single Board of Trustees, which meets regularly.
  • Clear and efficient delegated governance from the Board of Trustees that works closely with the executive structure.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the governance structure.
  • Substantial involvement of the Technical and Regional Interest Groups in the governance process.

Board of Trustees:

  • Chair: Dr Alan Baylis
    Honorary Treasurer and Chair, Finance and Investments Advisory Committee (FIAC): Dr Geoffrey Fowler
    Ordinary Members: Dr David Birkett, Mrs Diane Brown, Dr Charlotte Crowhurst, Dr Mark Harrison, Dr Robin Harrison, Prof Raymond Jones, Prof Jenny Mordue-Luntz, Dr Jan Ramakers, Prof Joe Sweeney, Prof K. Clive Thompson, Dr David Witty and Dr Tiffany Wood
    Co-opted: Mrs Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
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