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Profile Dr Alan Baylis

Alan Baylis

Dr Alan Baylis was elected Chair of the Board of Trustees at the AGM on 1 July 2015. He has been an active member of SCI for 12 years since leaving R&D management in Syngenta to set-up his own consultancy.

Alan currently runs his own independent consultancy business, which broadly covers innovation, and technical marketing, due diligence and regulatory affairs in agrochemicals.

Science and business have always featured together throughout his career, working in R&D, yet always closely with sales and marketing colleagues at ICI, AstraZeneca and Syngenta.

Working independently before and after these roles in larger international companies, he was an arable farmer before starting as an independent consultant.

Furthermore, he obtained an MBA from Henley Business School to complement his PhD in crop science from the University of Leeds.

Before becoming an SCI Trustee in 2014, Alan had been a member of the Membership Affairs Committee since 2009. He joined SCI to extend his network, and is now keen on encouraging those at the beginning of their careers to get involved in SCI and the Agrisciences Group, which runs a very successful event for PhD and post-doc researchers every year.

With experience of holding all group officer roles he has organised numerous conferences on a wide variety of topics. Additionally, he has chaired the Agrisciences Group for a number of years and, realising the potential for closer collaboration, he has been promoting the concept of Hubs and founded the first in Agri-Food.

When first joining SCI, Alan was involved in establishing what is now the Science and Enterprise Group and has, during his time, also been active in the Thames and Kennet Regional Interest Group.

Alan believes that SCI must become a relevant and necessary, modern outward-facing, nimble and vibrant organisation. It must reflect contemporary industry sectors with blurred boundaries and technologies from inter-disciplinary science. His vision is for a much more integrated and aligned SCI with a clear value proposition for members and all stakeholders. SCI must develop its brand to convey a clear and congruent statement of what it stands for today, its values and the opportunities in being an active member of a unique multidisciplinary society.

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