Membership Committee

The Membership Committee (MC) has an important and distinct role in helping SCI improve the way it serves the needs of its members. It has a number of functions which include specific responsibilities in finding out what members need, and in advising the Board of Trustees.
The MC work with the SCI Executive Team to find the best means of gathering information from members, including designing and arranging for surveys, and reviewing the results. The aim is to find ways to enhance the value of SCI membership for all of us. Where the information gathering exercise leads to particularly interesting new ideas, the group have a role in helping to develop these into concrete proposals - ultimately taking them to the Board of Trustees for consideration and adoption.

Message from the Chair

Ray Jones


Welcome to the Membership Committee.

If SCI is to thrive it needs make its influence count, deliver benefits for its members and expand its appeal as a membership organisation. The Membership Committee has been formed to help drive these essential but challenging objectives. As well as elected members, the MC has opportunities for co-options so if you think that this team is an SCI activity where you could contribute your skills, knowledge and energy, please contact SCI Committee support.

Meet the Committee

Dr Maryam Bayati

Ordinary Member

Prof Paul Clarke

Ordinary Member

Dr David Leese

Ordinary Member

Dr Claudio Lourenco

Ordinary Member

Prof Ray Jones


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In addition, the MC have the responsibility to consider nominations for the Lampitt Medal and Distinguished Service Award, and to evaluate proposals for Honorary or Life Membership of the SCI. These activities serve to enhance the status of SCI membership in the wider scientific community.