Henry E Armstrong

Henry Edward Armstrong (1848-1937) was a Professor of Chemistry at the London Institution. He later worked at St Bartholomew's Hospital, the City and Guilds Institute (later part of Imperial College) and the Central Technical Institute.

His life's work was centred on chemistry education within engineering schools, and through it he came to be recognised as a founding father of chemical engineering. He played an important part in establishing the SCI Process Engineering Group.

Henry Armstrong, the Society's first Messel Medallist, was a visionary, a pioneer, and a highly respected Member. His influence and progressive approach helped shape changing attitudes towards chemistry and contributed to the growth of chemistry's industrial application. It is widely acknowledged that partly thanks to his inspiration and the breadth of his interests, many students went on to develop technologies that have helped lay the foundation for modern products and processes.

In 1943 Professor Armstrong's son and daughter, together with an anonymous donor, endowed a lecture in his memory to honour achievers in chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, energy efficiency or a related field.

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