SCI Presidents, from 1881 to today

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Since the Society's foundation in 1881, the post of SCI President has been held by many world-leading scientists, inventors, businesspeople and industrialists.

The President of SCI works alongside the Executive and Trustees to support, promote and advance SCI's vision, mission and strategy. You can find out about SCI's past Presidents by following the links below – please note these are external links, with most opening in Wikipedia.

The incumbent President is Paul Drechsler CBE

1881-82 Sir Henry Roscoe FRS
1882-83 Sir Frederick Abel FRS
1883-84 Walter Weldon FRS
1884-85 Sir William Perkin FRS
1885-86 Edmund Knowles Muspratt
1886-87 David Howard
1887-88 Sir James Dewar FRS
1888-89 Ludwig Mond FRS
1889-90 Sir Lowthian Bell, Bart. FRS
1890-91 Edward Rider Cook
1891-92 James Emerson Reynolds FRS
1892-93 Sir John Evans KCB FRS
1893-94 E C C Stanford
1894-95 Sir Edward Thorpe CB FRS
1895-96 Thomas Tyrer
1896-97 Edward Schunck FRS
1897-98 Frank Clowes
1898-99 Sir George Beilby FRS
1899-1900 Charles F Chandler
1900-01 Sir Joseph W Swan FRS
1901-03 Ivan Levinstein
1903-04 Sir William Ramsay KCB FRS FRSE
1904-05 William H Nichols
1905-06 Edward Divers FRS
1906-07 Eustace Carey
1907-08 Sir Thomas Boverton Redwood FRSE
1908-09 Raphael Meldola FRS
1909-10 Professor Ira Remsen
1910-11 Walter F Reid
1911-12 Rudolph Messel FRS
1912-13 Professor Marston T Bogert
1913 Sir William Crookes OM FRS
1914 Rudolph Messel FRS
1914-15 Professor G G Henderson FRS
1915-17 Charles C Carpenter CBE
1917-19 Professor H Louis
1919-20 John Gray
1920-21 Sir William J Pope KBE FRS
1921-22 Professor Robert F Ruttan
1922-24 Edward F Armstrong FRS
1924-26 W J U Woolcock CBE
1926-28 F H Carr CBE
1928-29 Arthur D Little
1929-30 Herbert Levinstein
1930 Rt Hon Lord Melchett PC FRSE
1931 Rt Hon Lord McGowan PC KBE
1931-32 Professor Gilbert Morgan OBE FRS
1932-33 Sir Robert Pickard FRS
1933-34 John Thomas Dunn
1934-35 Edwin Thompson JP
1935-36 W A S Calder
1936-38 Rt Hon Viscount Leverhulme
1938-39 Victor G Bartram
1939-41 Professor J C Philip OBE FRS
1941-43 W M Cullen
1943-44 Wallace P Cohoe
1944-46 Sir Eric Rideal Kt MBE FRS
1946-48 Leslie H Lampitt
1948-49 Sir David Rivett KCMG FRS
1949-51 Stanley Robson
1951-52 John Rogers OBE
1952-53 Francis J Curtis
1953-55 Sir William OGG Kt
1955-57 Julian M Leonard
1957-58 H Greville Smith CBE
1958-59 Sir Robert Robinson OM FRS FRSE
1959-60 E J Solvay
1960-62 The Lord Fleck KBE FRS
1962-63 Monroe E Spaght
1963-65 Sir Sydney Barratt Kt
1965-67 Sir Ronald Holroyd FRS
1967-69 N A Iliff CBE
1969-70 E Ralph Rowzee
1970-72 G H Beeby CBE
1972-74 Lord Kearton OBE FRS
1974-76 E Leslie Streatfield OBE
1976-78 D M Bell CBE
1978-79 P I Walters
1979-80 E R Kane
1980-81 W B M Duncan CBE
1981-82 The Lord Todd OM FRS
1982-84 Ian J Graham-Bryce
1984-86 K H Walley
1986-87 D S Davies CB
1987-88 Louis Fernandez
1988-89 Sir Robert Malpas CBE
1989-91 Sir Geoffrey Allen FRS
1991-93 Sir Graham Hills FRSE
1993-94 Jean-Marc Bruel
1994-96 Alan Hayes CBE
1996-98 K J Minton CBE
1998-2000 Vincent A Calarco
2000-02 Thomas M Swan OBE
2002-04 Jeroen van der Veer
2004-06 Sir Tom McKillop
2006-09 John Beacham CBE
2009-12 Stephanie Burns
2012-15 Paul Booth OBE
2015-18 Neil Carson OBE
2018-22 Paul Booth CBE
2022- Paul Drechsler CBE

Header image credits:

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[2] Sir William H. Perkin: Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

[3] Ludwig Mond: Elliott & Fry, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

[4] Sir William Ramsay: Portrait of Sir William Ramsay. Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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[6] Sir Eric Rideal: National Portrait Gallery by Hills & Saunders, circa 1922, (NPG x76996), (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

[7] Stephanie Burns: Science History Institute, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Members who changed the world

The history of SCI has been largely influenced by the inventors and scientists who came together and founded the Society back in 1881. More information about those notable scientists and inventors can be found here.