Plant of the Year Award

Established 1965

This annual award is for a significant contribution to manufacturing operations, including technical, scientific and technology aspects.

Award Information

Nomination process

The award is nominated by SCI Members or Committees. Nominators should send expressions of interest to SCI (, with a brief description of the plant/process, an indication of why the facility should be considered for the Plant of the Year Award (maximum 250 words), and contact details for follow up.

Presentation and award prize

The Plant of the Year Award is presented at a formal dinner in Australia. The Award winner is selected by SCI on recommendation by the Australia International Group Committee. The winner is awarded with a bronze wall plaque and scroll.

Eligibility Criteria

    • No restrictions on the type of process nominated, but it must be whole or part of a manufacturing operation.
    • Operating efficiently for at least 12 months.
    • Contribution in technology, both scientific and technical, in Australia.
    Career Stage
    • Mid - late career
    • Manufacturing process
    • Located within Australia


Frequency Annual
Nominations close 31 March

Judging criteria

  • Innovation – what is particularly innovative about the process and the facility which embodies the process? What is novel?
  • What needs are met? – what needs are addressed by the new plant or process, what problem is the facility designed to solve and how is it solved? What new products are made and how are existing products being made more efficiently?
  • Occupational health & safety and environmental impact – how are best practice criteria being met?
  • Contribution – to national wellbeing, the national and world economy, and to stakeholders in the venture.

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