Jeffrey M Lipton: 2009 Chemical Industry Medal winner

In the foreword to the book American Chemical Enterprise, published to celebrate the centennial of SCI’s America International Group, Hal Sorgenti, then Chairman, wrote of Americans’ ‘delight’ in ‘hearing of people who use their creative talents imaginatively to invent, to innovate and to organise new technologies’. A desire to honour such people; those who have made a personal contribution to the advance of society and economy through technology, is at the core of SCI America Group’s identity.

Established in 1933, and considered one of the chemical industry’s most prestigious awards, the Chemical Industry Medal is conferred at a special banquet held in honour of the winner in New York. Throughout the 20th century, and now in the 21st century, these events have been regarded as ‘must attend’ occasions across the spectrum of science-based industry and commerce. The matchless contact-building opportunities provided by such occasions are demonstrated by the calibre of those participants.

This year, the gold medal was presented to Jeffrey M Lipton at The Waldorf, Astoria Hotel. Mr Lipton received the award in recognition of his outstanding leadership skills, public policy advocacy and many contributions to applied chemistry that have contributed to the progress of the entire industry.

Jeffrey Lipton joined NOVA Corporation in 1994 as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and assumed his current position as Chief Executive Officer of NOVA Chemicals on 01 July 1998. He serves as a Director of United States Steel Corporation, Hercules Incorporated, the American Chemistry Council and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. Jeff is also Past Chairman of the Board of the American Chemistry Council and Past Chairman of the SCI America International Group. He is the recipient of the International Palladium Medal presented by the Group, and the Tree of Life Award presented by the Jewish National Fund. Jeff worked with E.I. DuPont for almost three decades, prior to joining NOVA Chemicals. He graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and he obtained an MBA from Harvard University.

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