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Perkin Medal

Year Recipient
2018 Barbara Haviland Minor, The Chemours Company
2017 Ann E Weber, Ph.D, Kallyope Inc.
2016 Peter Trefonas, Dow Chemical Company
2015 Cynthia A Maryanoff, Johnson & Johnson
2014 John C Warner, Warner Babcock
2013 Bruce Roth, Genentech
2012 Robert S Langer, MIT
2011 Rodney Banks, Nalco
2010 Ronald Breslow, Columbia University
2009 Richard B Silverman, Northwestern University
2008 Ian Shankland, Honeywell Specialty Chemicals
2007 Herbert Boyer, Genentech
2006 James C Stevens, Dow Chemical Company
2005 Robert W Gore, WL Gore & Associates
2004 Gordon E Moore, Intel Corporation
2003 William H Joyce, Hercules
2002 Paul S Anderson, Bristol-Myers Squibb
2001 Elsa Reichmanis, Lucent Technology, Bell Labs
2000 Norman N Li, NI Chemical Technologies
1999 Albert A Carr, Marion Roussel
1998 David R Bryant, Union Carbide
1997 Stephanie Kwolek, DuPont
1996 Marion D Francis, Procter & Gamble
1995 Delbert H Meyer, Amoco
1994 Marinus Los, American Cyanamid
1993 Lubomyr T Romankiw, IBM
1992 Edith M Flanigen, UOP
1991 Miguel A Ondetti, Bristol-Myers Squibb
1990 John E Franz, Monsanto
1989 Frederick J Karol, Union Carbide
1988 James F Roth, Monsanto, Air Products
1987 J Paul Hogan and Robert L Banks, Phillips Petroleum
1986 Peter Regna, Pfizer, Squibb, Harrington
1985 Paul B Weisz, Mobil
1984 John H Sinfelt, Exxon
1983 N Bruce Hannay, Bell Labs, AT&T
1982 Herbert C Brown, Purdue University
1981 Ralph Landau, Scientific Design Company
1980 Herman F Mark, Polytechnic University of Brooklyn
1979 James D Idol Jr, Ashland Oil
1978 Donald F Othmer, Polytechnic University of Brooklyn
1977 Paul J Flory, DuPont, Cornell University
1976 Lewis H Sarett, Merck
1975 Carl Djerassi, Syntex, Stanford University
1974 Edwin H Land, Polaroid
1973 Theodore L Cairns, DuPont
1972 Robert Burns MacMullin, Mathieson, MacMullin Associates
1971 James F Hyde, Dow Corning
1970 Milton Harris, Harris Research Labs, Gillette
1969 Robert W Cairns, Hercules
1968 Henry B Hass, Purdue University, GAF
1967 Vladimir Haensel, UOP
1966 Manson Benedict, MW Kellogg, MIT
1965 Carl S Marvel, University of Illinois
1964 William J Sparks, Esso
1963 William O Baker, Bell Labs, AT&T
1962 Eugene G Rochow, General Electric
1961 Carl F Prutton, FMC
1960 Karl Folkers, Merck
1959 Eugene J Houdry, Houdry Process, Sun Oil Company
1958 William J Kroll, Consulting Metallurgist
1957 Glenn T Seaborg, University of California, Berkeley
1956 Edgar C Britton, Dow Chemical Company
1955 Roger Williams, DuPont
1954 Roger Adams, University of Illinois
1953 Charles A Thomas, Thomas & Hochwalt, Monsanto
1952 Robert M Burns, Bell Labs, AT&T
1951 Henry Howard, Merrimac Chemical
1950 Eger V Murphree, Standard Oil Development
1949 Carl S Miner, Miner Laboratories
1948 Clarence W Balke, University of Illinois, Fansteel
1947 Robert R Williams, Bell Labs, AT&T
1946 Francis C Frary, Alcoa
1945 Elmer K Bolton, DuPont
1944 Gaston F Dubois, Monsanto
1943 Robert E Wilson, MIT, Standard of Indiana
1942 Martin Ittner, Colgate
1941 John V N Dorr, Dorr
1940 Charles M A Stine, DuPont
1939 Walter S Landis, American Cyanamid
1938 Frank J Tone, Union Carbide
1937 Thomas Midgley Jr, General Motors
1936 Warren K Lewis, MIT
1935 George O Curme Jr, Union Carbide
1934 Colin G Fink, General Electric, Columbia University
1933 George Oenslager, BF Goodrich
1932 Charles F Burgess, University of Wisconsin
1931 Arthur D Little, AD Little
1930 Herbert H Dow, Dow Chemical Company
1929 Eugene C Sullivan, Dow Corning
1928 Irving Langmuir, General Electric
1927 John E Teeple, Consulting Chemical Engineer
1926 Richard B Moore, US Bureau of Mines, Dorr
1925 Hugh K Moore, Moore Process
1924 Frederick M Becket, Union Carbide
1923 Milton C Whitaker, Columbia University
1922 William M Burton, Standard Oil of Indiana
1921 Willis R Whitney, General Electric
1920 Charles F Chandler, Columbia University
1919 Frederick G Cottrell, University of California, Berkeley
1918 Auguste J Rossi, Consulting Metallurgist
1917 Ernst Twitchell, Emery Candle
1916 Leo H Baekeland, Bakelite Corporation
1915 Edward Weston, Weston Electric Meter
1914 John W Hyatt, Celluloid Manufacturing
1913 James Gayley, US Steel
1912 Herman Frasch, Union Sulphur
1911 Charles M Hall, Alcoa
1910 Edward G Acheson, Carborundum
1909 Arno Behr, Mathiessen & Wiechers
1908 J B F Herreshoff, General Chemical
1906 Sir William H Perkin

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