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D H Richards Memorial Bursaries

Macro Group UK set up the bursaries as a memorial to D H Richards, who was one of the founding officers of Macro Group UK and worked hard to establish it as a major group in the UK. Under this scheme, Macro Group UK sets aside funds each year to support its student and Postdoctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) members who wish to attend a major conference in the area of polymer science, but are short of funds to make this happen. Only one student or PDRA from a particular research group will be granted a bursary for a particular conference. It is expected that part of the funds needed to attend the conference will be obtained from other sources. As a condition of receiving a bursary award, the student or PDRA will be required to write a short report on the conference they attended for publication in the Macro Group UK Bulletin.

Nominated by: Self-nomination

Eligibility: The applicant must be a current Macro Group UK member, have their supervisor's support, and be planning to make an oral or poster contribution at the conference. A student or PDRA can only receive one bursary award during their period of study.

Application: An application form downloaded from the Macro Group UK website via the link at the bottom of the page, and should be returned to Dr Valeria Arrighi, Macro Group UK Secretary, at v.arrighi@hw.ac.uk

Description of Award: The maximum bursary amount awarded will be £300 for a meeting in the UK, and £500 for a meeting overseas.

Frequency: Quarterly

Nomination Deadlines: 1 February, 1 May, 1 August and 1 November

Recipients will normally be notified within four weeks of the deadline.

Selected by: Macro Group UK

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