Europe’s hydrogen economy needs funding and legislation

3 September 2020

Campaigners say that hydrogen from renewable and not fossil feedstock is essential.

Energy ministers have called on the European Commission to support its focus on hydrogen fuel with funding and legislation.

In a joint statement Energy Ministers from several EU Member States have urged the Commission to produce a plan of action, followed by legislative proposals to stimulate a market for hydrogen. In addition they have asked the Commission to look at ways to increase domestic hydrogen output as well as proposing production targets for 2030. Ministers also say that an assessment of how existing gas infrastructure can be adapted to carry hydrogen should also be investigated.

Germany, one of the countries petitioning the Commission, is investing €7 billion in new business and research as it plans to ramp up its hydrogen production. During May 2020 French and German energy companies agreed to create a new cross-border pure hydrogen transmission network, converting existing gas infrastructure. The new hub would connect the industrial Saar region of Germany with the Lorraine region in France and southern Luxembourg.

Environmental campaigners have said that hydrogen in not a silver bullet for the climate crisis, and doesn’t merit the current hype.

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