INEOS invests in green hydrogen future

19 October 2021 | Muriel Cozier

‘…Europe is crying out for investment in green hydrogen...’

Chemicals major INEOS, is investing more than €2 billion in electrolysis projects to produce green hydrogen. Facilities will be located across Europe, with the first units being built in Norway, Germany and Belgium, over the next decade. Similar investments are planned for the UK and France.

The first 20MW electrolyser, producing hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, powered by zero-carbon electricity, will be located in Norway. INEOS says that the project will reduce the carbon footprint of its operations at Rafnes, Norway, by removing some 22 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. The facility will also serve as a hub providing hydrogen to the Norwegian transport sector.

Plans for Germany will see a 100MW electrolyser built at the INEOS site in Köln. Hydrogen from this unit will be used in the production of green ammonia. This development will result in a carbon emissions reduction of 120 000 tonnes each year. INEOS said that as the second largest global chemical product, transitioning towards green ammonia production could lead to a reduction of almost 1 percent of global greenhouse gases each year.

In addition, the Köln electrolyser will provide opportunities to develop E-fuels through Power-to-Methanol applications on an industrial scale. INEOS added that the hydrogen will also be available for other company operations on the Köln site as well as other users in the region, supporting the local sustainability agenda. The projects are being developed through the INEOS subsidiary INOVYN.

Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS Chairman said; ‘Green hydrogen represents one of our best chances to create a more sustainable and low carbon world. Europe is crying out for investment in green hydrogen and INEOS’ announcement shows our determination to play a leading role in this important new fuel.’

INEOS added that it intends to work closely with European Governments to ensure the necessary infrastructure is put in place to ‘facilitate hydrogen’s major role in the new Green Economy.’

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