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Welcome to SCI's Climate Change Hub

Climate change is one of the big societal challenges of this generation. We need to develop new sources of energy, find ways of managing carbon more effectively and ensure that everything we use is recycled and reused.

Science, and specifically chemistry, is vital to developing some of the critical solutions, but they will only be solved through collaborations that drive forward new innovations to benefit society.

SCI is an innovation hub, bringing together scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs who are seeking to work together to develop viable, sustainable solutions to address the climate crisis.

COP26 - Countdown to Planet Zero

Combating climate change with chemistry - A youth perspective

Thursday 4 November 2021 - 17:00-18:00hrs (GMT)

SCI's forum provides a platform for the next generation of scientists and inventors who are actively developing scientific solutions, to explain their work and the impact it will have on climate change and it will provide an opportunity for the next generation, anxious about the climate crisis, to query and challenge these entrepreneurs.

Join us online, via YouTube. The link will be made available on the Wed 3 November 2021.

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