17 October 2023 | Muriel Cozier

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In today's Daily Digest, the UK government is investing £37 million to support businesses developing innovative AI and machine learning solutions, the European Commission proposes measures to prevent micro plastic pollution, and more.


Three projects funded by the UK’s Biocarbon Programme, will investigate how marine organisms contribute to storing large amounts of carbon dioxide in the ocean. The projects include several universities and research organisations as well as international partners.

The European Union is creating a Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform to support key technologies and strengthen the EU’s sovereignty. The platform will aim to boost manufacturing capacity in digital technologies, clean technologies, and biotechnologies.

The UK government is investing £37 million to support businesses and research organisations developing innovative AI and machines learning solutions. The projects will be carried out by some 200 partners across the UK. The investment comes ahead of the UK government’s AI Safety Summit which will take place next month.


The European Commission is, for the first time, proposing measures to prevent micro plastic pollution from the unintentional release of plastic pellets. Between 52 000 and 184 000 tonnes are released into the environment each year due to mishandling through the entire supply chain. The Commission’s proposal aims to have all operators handling pellets in the EU take the necessary precautionary measures.


The 2023 World Food Forum is taking place at the Food and Agricultural Organisation’s headquarters in Rome, Italy. The theme is Agrifood Systems Transformation Accelerates Climate Action.

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