Rideal Travel Bursary recipient, Lukesh Mahato, reports from Barcelona, Spain

10 July 2024

Lukesh Mahato was awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary to attend the 13th International Colloids Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Here he tells us about his research and his highlights from the conference. Read his report below.

Lukesh Mahato"My current research focuses on the formulation of supra-particles by evaporation of aqueous aerosol droplets containing copolymer colloidal particles. Additionally, I explore the different facets of drying kinetics of these systems. The primary objective of my research is to control the shape of these supra-particles by modifying various parameters of colloidal particles and environmental conditions, such as drying kinetics. This involves an in-depth analysis of how different factors, such as particle size, surface chemistry, and relative humidity, influence the final particle shape and structure.

"It was advised to attend the International Colloidal Conference to stay updated in the field of colloidal and interface science. The International Colloids Conference is a prestigious conference within the colloidal and interfaces community offering an invaluable platform to gather renowned professors, scientists, and early-career researchers. The 13th International Colloids Conference took place in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, organised by Elsevier. The conference commenced with registration and a welcome speech by Professor Julian, followed by a plenary lecture. The next day began with a presentation by the JCIS Darsh Wasan Awardee, Professor Steve Armes, followed by keynote sessions, parallel sessions, and young investigator sessions, throughout the remainder of the conference. Each presentation was intellectually stimulating, and the Q&A sessions provided a robust platform for in-depth discussions on various topics.

"I had an opportunity to present my research work in a young investigator session. Following my talk, a Q&A session allowed attendees to ask questions and offer insightful comments. Due to time constraints, the discussion extended into the tea and coffee break. Many other attendees, who could not ask questions during the session, reached me after the talk to discuss the research in more detail, offering constructive feedback and suggestions for future studies, and sharing contact details for potential collaboration or further discussions.

"One of the highlights of the conference was the poster session, which featured 206 participants from around the globe. The research covers all the domains of colloids and interface science. I engaged in discussions with many professors and young researchers, which significantly broadened my understanding and knowledge, that can be applied to my ongoing research and future projects. The informal settings of lunch, tea/coffee breaks, and the gala dinner proved to be particularly useful for establishing connections with experts and emerging researchers in the field.

"Overall, attending the 13th International Colloids Conference was a valuable experience. The conference offered a platform to gain a comprehensive view of colloids and interface science and connect with leading experts. I would like to extend my gratitude to the joint SCI-RSC Trust committee for awarding me the Rideal Travel Bursary, as well as to the EPSRC and the University of Bristol, for financial support, which enabled me to attend this significant conference. "

Lukesh Mahato
PhD Student
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

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