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BioResources Early Careers Network

girl microscope

8 Nov 2010

The BioResources Group is creating an Early Careers Network for, and run by, younger members studying or researching in universities and industry. The Network aims to provide face-to-face and online opportunities for career development and to increase and widen scientific and business knowledge related to agrisciences and associated technologies.

Leaders from the Early Careers Network were presented at two events, Scanning the Agricultural Horizon to 2050, a one-day conference at Syngenta's Jealott's Hill International Research Centre on 30 November 2010, and GM Foods: Genetic Manipulation or Global Malnutrition? a free evening seminar at SCI HQ, London on 2 December 2010.

We are looking for more people to get involved in leadership and as ambassadors. If you are coming to either of these events come and meet us, or visit our webpage. We need your views on what the Network could do for you! Interested? See the Early Careers Network or contact us on communications@soci.org

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