6th International Postharvest Symposium in Antalya, Turkey – 8-12 April 2009

The 6th International Postharvest Symposium was a massive gathering of eminent scientists in the subject of postharvest technology. More than 600 oral and poster presentations were made along with invited talks and workshops. It was a well packed programme delivered vast knowledge in postharvest technology as it included various aspects of the postharvest technology of fruits and vegetables grown and marketed around the world. About 1000 participants including students, academics, researchers, policy makers and industrial representatives attended and shared their knowledge and experiences in postharvest technology. It was a very good exposure for me as a PhD student and a young academic cum researcher to interact with scientists to share the knowledge and experiences. It will definitely help me to improve my on-going PhD programme and my career, as I used the event to gather information, which may be useful to solve some practical problems which I have encountered. It was also an excitement for me to meet the scientists, especially when I knew their names from journals and books. I attended several oral and poster presentation on mangos, which I am working on for my PhD programme, and was pleased to gain some ideas to diversify and extend my research beyond my PhD programme.

The overall benefit of the whole conference made me focus on the different aspects of postharvest technology and gain wide knowledge of the field and the challenges posed by different crops. The conference clearly outlined some messages to take back home on the problems faced in postharvest technology.

Thiruchelvam Thanaraj
Cranfield University

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