Peter Griffiths Receives Distinguished Service Award

Dr Peter Griffiths has been recognised by his colleagues in the Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group with a Distinguished Service Award. He currently chairs the SCI/RSC Technical Interest Group, which represents the UK community in the area of colloid science/ nanotechnology, primarily through the organisation of conferences, the provision of expert opinion to companies and learned bodies. While serving in the Committee, he has emphasised the support of young researchers’ participation in international events through the Rideal Travel Bursaries, and has also championed the introduction of the McBain Medal by the Colloids Group, which recognises worthy scientists in the early stages of their careers.

At present, Dr Griffiths is a member of international scientific committees for various conferences, such as the ‘8th International conference on polymer therapeutics’ (Valencia, May 2010); and ‘Macro2010’ IUPAC World Polymer Congress (Glasgow, July 2010).

How many years have you been a contributing member of the Colloids / Fine Chemicals Group?
PG: I’ve been a member of SCI for nearly sixteen years, but have been involved in committee work for the last seven years.

What motivated you to get involved in SCI member-led activities?
PG: I wanted to contribute to SCI activities through setting up and organising conferences, and at the same time to give something back to SCI for the benefits I had previously received, such as travel bursaries.

Has working for the committee been a rewarding experience?
PG: Working for the Colloids and Surface Chemistry Group and for the Awards Committee has given me the opportunity to broaden my experience and network with new people. It has also given me a chance to successfully provide a service to the Society and derive a sense of achievement from it.

What challenges have you met in all these years of committee work?
PG: Balancing the time requirement, persuading people to collaborate or attend events – all of these things have been challenging at times. Have you learned something of value from the experience? PG: Yes, working with my fellow committee members has taught me the value of collaboration and delegation.

Do you think that the effort you’ve put in has paid off in a significant way?
PG: I think it has paid off. I’ve become better known within our group, and am well accepted as a team player, which is great. Finally, were you excited about being awarded the DSA? PG: Absolutely. I was both very surprised and pleased.

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