Introducing SCI's Andrew Medal and Lecture

22 August 2017

23 August 2017

SCI is pleased to present the Andrew Medal and Lecture, made possible by the legacy of Dr Sydney Andrew (1926-2011). A brilliant industrial chemical engineer, he exemplified the SCI mission of encouraging the application of chemical and related sciences for public benefit.

Over the course of a successful career with ICI, Dr Andrew ran the ICI Billingham Catalysis Group and became a Senior Research Associate. His career included designs for novel steam reformers and ammonia converters, and modelling the root growth of crops to improve the understanding of efficient nitrogen fertilizer use.

Dr Andrew was a life member of SCI and recipient of the Society Medal in 1989, for which he gave a lecture on Neglected Science: a view from industry. On his death in 2011, he bequeathed a substantial share of his estate to SCI for founding the Andrew Medal and Lecture, on the theme of neglected science. His intention, ' support areas of science which, though of importance in agriculture and the chemical industry, receive scant attention from academic research'.

To fulfil this purpose, SCI is pleased to announce the inaugural Andrew Medal will be presented to Sir John Beddington at a Public Evening Lecture on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Sir John has made significant contributions to global food security and will talk on Global Sustainability Challenges: food, water and energy security.

In future, the Andrew Medal and Lecture will be presented every three years to recipients selected by SCI.

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