Rideal Travel Bursary recipient, Chun-Ren Ke, reports from Denmark

18 October 2018

Chun-Ren Ke was awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary to attend the 34th European Conference on Surface Science in Aarhus, Denmark. Here he tells us about the experience he gained from giving his presentation and the inspiration this gave him for his future research and how the conference provided him with an opportunity to network with researchers from around the world.

‘During the period from 26th to 31st August 2018, I attended the 34th European Conference On Surface Science (ECOSS34) at Aarhus in Denmark, with the kind support from the SCI/RSC Rideal Trust.

‘In the conference, I gave a talk entitled ‘In Situ Investigation of Degradation at Organometal Halide Perovskite Surfaces Using Near-Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy’, which has attracted great attention from the surface science and energy materials community. This experience gained me the capability to orally present my research to a number of audiences and the questions asked after the talk also inspired me with a few ideas for future research.

‘In addition to the oral presentation, enjoying the talks and posters from other experts is significantly valuable to me. In the sessions, I realised how worldwide researchers and scientists designed and presented their work, and learnt couples of novel surface characterisation techniques, which could be applied into my research in association with metal halide perovskite materials.

‘Apart from the benefits mentioned, the conference offered great opportunities to network with the worldwide researchers. During the event, I got to know many people from Europe, Japan, China, etc. It is vital for me to build worldwide collaboration in the future to enhance my research output and to contribute to the society.

‘In conclusion, if without support from SCI/RSC Rideal Travel Bursary, I might not get the chance to participate in the excellent ECOSS34 conference. I do appreciate this award and strongly advice any eligible talents apply this bursary to support your attendance at a relevant conference.’

Jack Chun-Ren Ke
PhD student
University of Manchester

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