Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Ahmed Elmeligy

25 April 2019

25 April 2019

Ahmed Elmeligy is a 2018 Canada Student Merit Award winner. He achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of his class in the fourth and final year of his degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

Ahmed Elmeligy graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering degree in 2018. During his studies, Ahmed discovered his passion for research and continuous improvement which led to his participation in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). He researched the adsorption capacity of various activated carbon adsorbents, for carbon dioxide sequestration and recycle as a raw material for the production of hydrocarbon Fuels.

Ahmed expanded on his research skills and academic knowledge acquired in his first two years of undergraduate studies during a co-op employment at Imperial Oil’s Strathcona Refinery, the largest conventional oil refinery in Western Canada. Here, Ahmed contributed to the development of a number of basic and advanced control systems to enhance reliability and mitigate safety events. Thereafter, looking for a new challenge, Ahmed secured a summer internship in one of China’s top Chemical Engineering Universities, Tianjin University. He worked on fabricating new super-hydrophobic membranes for membrane distillation, in a state-of-the-art research facility.

During his final year of studies, Ahmed wanted to add value to the academic community and leave a mark before graduating. He accomplished just that with the help of two of his mentors, Dr. Jules Thibault and Dr. Poupak Mehrani, as he authored an academic paper titled "Artificial Neural Networks as Metamodels for the Multi-Objective Optimization of Biobutanol Production", which was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

During his studies Ahmed always looked for ways to stay engaged with the greater community by constantly seeking out volunteering opportunities with various local organisations. Serving others brought him a lot of joy, so he pursued opportunities on campus as well. That enabled him to serve on the Faculty of Engineering Council and running for president for an inter-university student club.

Currently, Ahmed works as a Process Development Engineer-in-Training at Strathcona Refinery working on various projects to increase the site’s reliability and profitability.

Ahmed Elmeligy
University of Ottawa

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