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Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Amar Bhardwaj

Amar Bhardwaj

8 Jan 2020

Amar Bhardwaj is a 2018 Canada Student Merit Award winner. He achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of his class in the fourth and final year of his degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

'I recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick with Honours in Medicinal Chemistry. My Honours project at UNB was on Tricyclohexylphosphonium Ylidyl Substituents being used as More Powerful Bispyridinylidene Organic Electron Donors.

'Being awarded the Society of Chemical Industry award is an incredibly fortunate one that is a testament to my academic progress during my degree. Chemistry has played an integral role in my education and has helped shaped my critical thinking and academic ability. I am thankful to have received this award.

'In my spare time, I'm an avid fan and player of cricket. Alongside playing cricket I have been an active volunteer in the community in different domains.'

Amar Bhardwaj
University of New Brunswick

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