Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Cole Englot

05 June 2021

SCI Awards - Canada Student Merit Award recipient - Cole EnglotCole Englot is a 2020 Canada Student Merit Award winner. He achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of his class in the fourth and final year of his degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

I am honored to have received the University of Alberta SCI Student Merit Award. Throughout my four-year journey through Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta I received numerous other scholarships and awards including A Captain Thomas Farrell Greenhalgh Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering, A Cenovus Energy Chemical Engineering Scholarship, A Craighton Twa Engineering Academic Scholarship, The Bruce A McGregor Award in Engineering Communication and The APEGA Past Presidents’ Medal in Chemical Engineering.

My passion for chemical engineering was very obvious to myself as soon as I specialized in the discipline. I found all the classes so interesting and always strived to get the most out of every class. Pushing myself to study my hardest for every exam, along with keeping a healthy social and extracurricular life balance allowed me to achieve straight A’s throughout my entire degree and a 4 year average GPA of 4.0.

As designated team leader of my capstone project I lead my team to completing a very thorough and in-depth rigorous capstone project that required cutting edge research. We designed a continuous ethanol extraction facility to process over 1000kg of hemp per day into high quality CBD extract and terpene oil and compared the economic and environmental feasibility to a previously designed CO2 CBD extraction facility. Our project was nominated for the 2020 Ken Sury Award for best Chemical Engineering capstone project. Upon presentation to a committee we finished in 3rd place. This project broadened my experience and opened my eyes to the diversification of Chemical Engineering and vast opportunities the degree has to offer.  I am very excited to see where my degree will take my career.

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