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Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Harjot Sidhu

Harjot Sidhu

6 Jan 2020

Harjot Sidhu is a 2019 Canada Student Merit Award winner. She achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of her class in the fourth and final year of her degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

‘I have always had a passion for academics and health care. I graduated from The University of Winnipeg in June of 2019 with an Honours BSc in biochemistry. Upon graduation, I received a Gold Medal for Biochemistry Honours, along with a University Silver Medal for the 2nd highest standing in science.

‘For my honours project, I worked with two faculty members at The University of Winnipeg in an attempt to isolate novel antimicrobial agents in the hope that some may have the potential to be used as antibiotics against the increasing amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The project consisted of isolating different bacteria from compost and screening these isolates for antimicrobial activity. The isolates with antimicrobial activity were fermented on a large scale. The active agent was extracted from the fermentation broth and further purified using HPLC.

‘Being a two-time recipient of the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s undergraduate research award, I have additional laboratory experience in genetics and natural product isolation.

‘Outside of the lab, I spend my free time volunteering at Seven Oaks General Hospital and formerly, the Winnipeg chapter of St. John Ambulance.’

Harjot Sidhu
University of Winnipeg

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