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Canada Student Merit Award Recipient, Nan-Hui (Susan) Yao

Nan Hui (Susan) Yao

7 Jan 2020

Nan-Hui (Susan) Yao is a 2019 Canada Student Merit Award winner. She achieved this award for obtaining the highest standing of her class in the fourth and final year of her degree. Here is a brief biography of the winner.

‘I am currently an undergraduate student specialising in Pharmacology and majoring in Nutritional Science at the University of Toronto.

‘Throughout my undergraduate study, I was fortunate enough to be awarded with several academic merit awards including the Dean's List Scholar and the University of Toronto Sterling Scholar. Additionally, I had the opportunity to explore a myriad of topics from interdisciplinary perspectives. In particular, I have partaken in a variety of biomedical clinical and laboratory research projects both locally with UofT scholars and abroad at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Throughout these experiences, I am constantly amazed by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of my peers and mentors. They challenge me to think critically and push the boundaries of possibility.

‘Additionally, outside of class, I am also actively involved in the community by volunteering at science advocacy groups, mentorship programs, homeless shelters, and UHN hospitals. Through all these experiences, I was able to grow as a well-rounded person and find my passions for community empowerment, biotechnology, and public policies.

‘Upon graduation, I hope to further pursue post-graduate degrees in Public Health and Master of Business Administration (MBA). In the future, I aspire to leverage my skills internationally to advance biomedical technologies for the betterment of the global society.

‘Outside of academia, I also enjoy a wide range of hobbies from playing sport, baking, exploring new music to solo traveling. In particular, I love playing tennis and volleyball. And I have traveled to more than 15 countries. Being from the west coast, I also enjoy spending time in the outdoors and connecting with nature.
‘In closing, I am honored to be selected for the SCI Canada Student Merit Award and hope to continuously grow as a person in order to contribute to the global scientific community. ‘

Nan Hui (Susan) Yao
University of Toronto

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