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3D Printing in Biomedical Sciences Event Preview


11 May 2018

Venue: SCI, London, UK
Date: Tuesday 5 June 2018

Three-dimensional printing (3DP), is a technology that involves the disposition or fusion of materials, including metal, plastic, living cells and ceramics, to create 3D structures. 3DP technology is now playing a fundamental role in biomedical research. It allows for better surgical planning, aids surgeons during patient consultation and minimises diagnostic errors.

Advancements in 3DP technology has allowed for the delivery of scaffolds in bone and cartilage tissue engineering, personalised orthopaedic casts, prosthetic limbs and artificial organs. Researchers are also using 3DP technology to create accurate organ models for education.

In this evening meeting at SCI, leading researchers will discuss how they are using 3D printing technology in their research. During the meeting there will be a live demonstration of 3D printing and an opportunity for questions and networking.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about applications of 3DP in biomedical sciences.

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