New Frontiers - a Conference to Celebrate the Career of Professor Brian Vincent - conference papers

Lords Cricket Ground, London, 1 April 2008

Afternoon Session 1 April 2008
2.00   Introduction and Welcome, Terence Cosgrove
    Session 1: Chairman, Tharwat Tadros  
2.15   The adsorption of small, negative particles onto large positive particles
Professor Paul Luckham, Imperial College London, UK
2.45   From Conducting Polymers to Pickering Emulsions: Brian Vincent’s Influence on my Career
Professor Steven Armes, Sheffield University, UK
    Session 2: Chairman, Peter Dowding
3.45   The BV droplets down under: from model emulsions to drug delivery (5.8Mb pdf)
Professor Clive Prestidge, WARK Institute, University of South Australia, Australia
4.15   Polymers and surfactants at interfaces: colloidal lego for nanotechnology
Professor Simon Biggs, University of Leeds, UK
Morning Session 2 April 2008
    Session 1: Chairman, Martin Cohen Stuart
9.15   Depletion and other sins (2.5Mb pdf)
Professor Gerard Fleer, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands
9.45   Nanobubbles, Dissolved Gas, Boundary Layers and Related Mysterious Effects in Colloid Stability
Professor John Ralston, University of of South Australia, Australia
10.15   Drying of Colloidal Films (600Kb pdf)
Dr Alex Routh, University of Cambridge, UK
    Session 2: Chairman, Terence Cosgrove
11.15   Characterisation and Application of Colloidal Microgels (3Mb pdf)
Professor Martin Snowden, University of Greenwich, UK
11.45   Surface Modification: Encapsulation and Coating (A Career Based on Graft) (1Mb pdf)
Dr David Fairhurst, Colloid Consultants Ltd, USA


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