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Drugging the Undruggable

18th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

22 May 2015

Over the years medicinal chemistry has provided many solutions to the problems facing world health, contributing to the improvement in healthcare that has brought continued increases in life expectancy.  However, as new problems become more prominent and old remedies begin to lose their effectiveness, the challenge of developing new solutions gets increasingly harder.

The 18th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, organised by SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group and  RSC’s Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector, will highlight some of the recent advances towards these new solutions.

Based around the topic of ‘Drugging the Undruggable’, the symposium features talks covering a range of therapeutic areas, from cancer and cardiovascular disease through to conditions that are less well-discussed, such as Cystic Fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down’s Syndrome.

The event also looks at new approaches to drug discovery and the use of imaging techniques to give insight into the function and efficacy of treatments that are in development.  In addition to the talks from leaders in the field, there will be flash presentations and poster sessions, as well as a welcome barbecue and conference dinner – all of which present a fantastic opportunity to discuss the ideas presented at the event and inspire the next innovation.

The symposium will be held at Churchill College, Cambridge (UK) on 13-16 September 2015 – be sure not to miss this exciting event.  Registration is available via the link below.

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