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26th SCI Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry – North Meeting

George Platt, David Leese, Gemma Geary

2 Jun 2015

April 29 saw the Northern meeting of the annual SCI Postgraduate Symposium take place at the University of Sheffield. This was the second year in succession the event had taken place in Sheffield and Prof Richard Jackson very kindly hosted the event.

An audience of 50 attended the meeting to hear nine talks given by students from 8 universities; Sheffield, York, Leicester, Keele, Bath, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham.

It was obvious the students had put a lot of effort into their talks as they were all of a very high standard but in the end Gemma Geary from the University of Leicester was chosen as the winner for her talk entitled ‘Preparation and Reactivity of a Novel Fluoroiodane Derived from Fluoride’.

George Platt from the University of York was awarded the runner-up prize for his talk entitled ‘Mechanism of Direct Arylation Reactions of Fluoroaromatics’. All other students received a book token.

Both winners are pictured to the right with David Leese, Peakdale Molecular and SCI organiser, who is in the centre of the photo.

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