What a Chemist needs to know about Safety Assessment - conference papers

Fine Chemicals Groups conference, London, 7 June 2007

Adverse safety findings remains one of the major reasons for candidate drugs failing to reach the market. It has also become an issue with existing medications with some recent high profile market withdrawals. This meeting was designed to allow chemists to gain a broad understanding of a range of key, current issues within the drug safety arena. The meeting was recommended both for chemists just beginning their careers within the pharmaceutical industry, or more experienced medicinal chemists wanting to gain a more detailed understanding of these issues.

10.00   Introduction and Welcome
David Lathbury, AstraZeneca
10.05   Overview of Safety Assessment, Principles, Mechanisms, Structure and Toxicity (pdf 60Kb)
Nigel Rogers, PresidX
11.05   Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions arising from CYP-Inhibition
Iain Martin, Organon
11.50   Reactive Metabolites in Lead Optimisation
Graham Somers, GlaxoSmithKline
Session Chairman: Chris Hill, Organon
13.45   Safety Testing of Genotoxic Impurities (pdf 700Kb)
Mike O'Donovan, AstraZeneca
14.30   Genotoxic and Non-Genotoxic Impurities: Identification, Qualification, Testing and Risk Assessment Considerations (pdf 300Kb)
Charles Humfrey, AstraZeneca
Session Chairman: Alan Brown, Pfizer
15.45   Ongoing Challenges in Cardiovascular Safety - a Continued Source of Early Compound Attrition
Derek Leishman, Lilly
16.30   Integrating Molecular Toxicology Earlier in the Drug Development Process (pdf 830Kb)
Fiona Spence, Pfizer (delivered by Jonathan Hitchcock)

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