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Report: 29th SCI Postgraduate Symposium South

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24 Apr 2018

This year held on Tuesday 10 April 2018, SCI’s Fine Chemicals group organised another fantastic SCI Postgraduate Symposium for universities in the South of England. This popular event is now in its 29th year.

The event was held at the Chemistry Department of University College London and was excellently organised by Dr Tom Sheppard. The symposium was very well attended with around 50 people in the lecture theatre.

We were treated to ten great talks covering natural product chemistry, theoretical chemistry, catalysis, and medicinal chemistry.

Winning first prize on the day was Fahima Idris from Queen Mary University London, for her talk: Intramolecular Hydride Transfer onto Arynes: Transition metal-free C(sp3)-H Functionalisation of Amines.

fahima idris 

Fahima Idris of QMUL. Image: SCI

The runner up was Aisha Syed from UCL, for her talk: Towards Brighter Bioluminescence: Synthesis and Properties of Rigid Infra-Luciferins.

Aisha Syed of UCL. Image: SCI

Thanks go to Dr Mike Porter for helping with the judging and AstraZeneca for sponsoring the event.

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