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Carbon dioxide utilization: The way to the circular economy

Factory pipe polluting air

09 September

Carbon dioxide utilization: The way to the circular economy

Rebecca Aris

Carbon dioxide emissions are the biggest contributor to human-induced global warming, and globally, we emit approximately 37 gigatonnes of CO2 annually from our homes, cars, planes, offices and industries.

Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) may pose a solution to the challenge of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and meeting carbon targets. CO­2, as a carbon source, has the potential for use in the manufacture of fuels, carbonates, polymers and chemicals. The aim of CCU is to convert the captured carbon dioxide into these other substances or products whilst retaining the carbon neutrality of the production processes.

In the latest issue of SCI journal Greenhouse gases, Editorial Board member and pioneer of carbon dioxide chemistry Professor Michele Aresta, CEO of CIRC srl, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Bari and Honorary Professor of the Tianjin University, discusses the role that CCU may play in the short-to-long term. He also flags the benefits that CCU can deliver to our society.

Professor Aresta writes: ‘The potential of utilization of CO2 penetrates…the class of fine chemicals through the production of acids, esters, lactones, pyrones etc. that may find application in sectors such as cosmetics, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals.’

Read more in Greenhouse gases https://doi.org/10.1002/ghg.1908

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