Event Review: 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition

20 March 2019

On 15 March 2019, chemists from across the UK country to compete in the 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition at SCI HQ in London.
Cassie Sims

The event, organised by SCI’s Young Chemists Panel and Fine Chemicals Group, alongside RSC’s Heterocycle and Synthesis Group and Organic Division Council, saw 11 teams from across academia and industry to showcase their synthetic prowess.

Finalists included teams from across academia, pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

At the event, the teams presented their synthetic routes for the novel sulfonated alkaloid Aconicarmisulfonine A. After their presentations, teams were questioned by the judges and audience on their synthetic route selections.

A variety of intricate routes were proposed, with some teams even offering multiple options. The day was filled with high-level synthetic chemistry and each route cleverly combined simple, well-known reactions with novel chemistries to produce the target molecule.

The results from the day were:

retrosynthesis team flower power

1st Place

Flower Power from Syngenta:

  • Rosemary Croft
  • Alexander Gregory
  • Júlia Comas-Barceló
  • Katie Emery
  • Sean Ng
  • Ian Houlsby
  • Nicholas Taylor

retrosynthesis team shawshank reduction

2nd Place

Shawshank Reduction from University of Oxford:

  • Ciaran Lunt
  • Daniya Aynetdinova
  • Timothy Kwok
  • Mihai Popescu

retrosynthesis team shawshank reduction

3rd Place

SygTeamTwo from Sygnature Discovery:

  • Kevan Grant
  • John Ritchie
  • Eric Harris
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Tim Fowler
  • Alex Leeder

retrosynthesis team in tsuji we trost

Audience Vote

In Trosji We Trost from Evotec:

  • Angelo Sanzone
  • Christopher Pearson
  • Adam Calow
  • Cameron Harper
  • Kathryn Feeney
  • Richard Mears
  • Thomas Krulle

To keep up-to-date with the Retrosynthesis event, follow them on Twitter @UKRetroComp and LinkedIn.

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