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News rules for CBD


People are being asked to exercise caution using products containing CBD.

3 April 2020

New rules from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) will require the cannabidoil (CBD) industry to provide information about product safety and contents of their goods, or they will be removed from shelves. Products containing (CBD) are widely available on the high street and are not subject to any checks. Producers of CBD products will have to submit applications for authorisation by the end of March 2021.

The FSA is also advising vulnerable groups including pregnant women not to take CBD and is cautioning healthy adults to consume no more than 70mg (28 drops of 7% CBD) a day, unless under the guidance o of a doctor. It is claimed that CBD helps to alleviate anxiety, depression and muscular pain. CBD was classified as a ‘novel food product’ in January 2019, meaning that products must meet legal standards on safety and content before they can be sold.

The FSA’s decision has been welcomed on several fronts with scientists commenting that ‘Consumers who buy should be aware that most health claims of these products still lack evidence and there is no guarantee that available products are safe or contain what they claim they contain.’

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